It’s Like Kissing but a Little More

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By Teresa Lusk –

My husband and I did not grow up in a Christian home; therefore, since we came to the Lord in 2003, we have made it a point to raise our children with God’s Word. Literally, this is part of our daily nutritional value and daily bread.

What this has looked like for years now is providing our children a foundation that says nothing can be done successfully without taking God’s Word into our life every single day. It is not just a Sunday meal.

Will our oldest child practice this as he gets older? What about the younger ones? We will leave that in God’s hands and be encouraged in His word as I heard Pastor Charles Stanley remind us that if we pray for something, and it is within the will of God, so it shall be done (1 John 5:14-15). I know for a fact, that God wants my children and yours to have everlasting life (John 3:16). Therefore, I believe that they too will learn and walk in the responsibility to take a portion of the Word of God into their life every day.

Now, what is an appropriate age to start teaching my children the Word of God, and what stories are best to share with them, you might ask? Well, this past December 2009, we decided to purchase a Tyndale, One Year Bible for our six year old daughter. Sure there was some hesitation about the level, time it would take to read, and the content. After all, the Old Testament does have some violence, incest, drinking, and much more. Yet, that was not enough to keep us from wanting her to explore the greatness of God’s Word. And while we did run into to words and phrases such as “slept together”, and “sex”, my husband in his God given wisdom, replied to my daughter’s question of “ what is sex?” as “it is like kissing but a little more”. Believe it or not, she did not push for more. Why? Most likely because her mind and knowledge of that topic is not developed enough.

God’s Word does have some mature related content, yet that is not enough for us as parents to keep them from digging into the great historical and Biblical messages God has your child. If your child, like ours, has surpassed the toddler stage stories and often visited ones like “David and Goliath”, and you believe your child is ready for more, then dig in, and give them what God has put in their heart to desire, His Word.

Use your wisdom when running into questions that demand simple answers but don’t deprive their right to begin walking in the knowledge of God’s power.

Teresa G. Lusk, is the author of Good Enough to be a Homemaker and CEO, a motivational speaker,  and founder of the non-profit organization, Homemaker CEO. Teresa has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Religion, and Christian Counseling. or

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2 Responses to “It’s Like Kissing but a Little More”
  1. Robin J. Steinweg says:

    Well done, Teresa! The Lord certainly does honor our efforts to feed His (our) children with His Word. As you said, give them what they’re ready for when they’re ready for it. Be prepared for them to turn around and quote it to you at times, though!

  2. Teresa Lusk says:

    Thank you Robin! I appreciate the encouragement in your comments!

    God Bless,

    Teresa Lusk

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