Skin Deep

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I had something wrong in my body. Nobody knew exactly what it was or why it was causing these particular oddities to occur. Even after the routine test, examinations, lab work, surgical consults, we still had no conclusive evidence. Our next step was to surgically remove the suspected tissue for examination and testing. After the results from the surgery came back, there was still no conclusive answer to the cause of the problem.

Several weeks after the surgery, life seemed normal except for one thing. My body had started healing and so had the nerves in the surgical area. Every now and then I got some stinging, shooting pains. It felt like a quick bee sting, uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Even the water from the shower had become uncomfortable.

So how do a breast, a surgery, and a shower all fit into a devotion about your past?

Here is my explanation.

The “bad stuff” in my body was causing it to do unexplainable things. 

The “bad stuff” in your past could be causing you to do unexplainable things or even unnoticeable things in your day-to-day thought patterns, behaviors, and attitudes.

The experts (doctors, radiologist, surgeons) could not explain why or what was causing my body to act this way.

The experts (friends, family, TV, self help books) may not be able to explain why or what’s wrong about your past. They may not even see the connection of your past to who you are today.

I allowed the experts to take out the “bad” in order to examine it through the eyes of a microscope and other instruments.

You need to take out the “bad” in your life and examine it through the eyes of God. You need to also “test” your past against the industry standard of Biblical truth.

PRAYER: Dear Father, help me fully recover from my past. Help me uncover it, and wash it clean with Your cleansing power. Increase my trust in You to redeem and restore me from the “bad” so that it becomes the “good” in my walk.
“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose,” Romans 8:28 KJV.

Today’s devotion is by Donna McCrary and Sherri Holbert. As Life Coaches, they equip women to discover their life purpose. Learn more about their study DIVAS of the Divine: How to live as a Designer Original in a Knock Off World at

About Donna McCrary

Today’s devotion is by Donna McCrary, wife, mother, speaker and author. Her greatest passion is inspiring others to live the “impossible” through Jesus. Her one-of-kind speaking and retreat seminars will leave you with a willingness to walk on water to get to Jesus. Book her for your next event at


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  1. Norma Vera says:

    Donna that was very good article. I am working on a book Called “Grandma Teach Me Wisdom” and in the chapter of the Wounded Spirit I talk along those same lines.

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