Artist Spotlight: Casting Crowns

By Laura Greenwood

All of the members of Casting Crowns have backgrounds in student ministry. Lead singer, Mark Hall, states “Our songs have always come from our ministry in the church,” and their new album Until the Whole World Hears is no different. On the band’s Web site, Hall talks about how many of the songs came about and how we can see God in all of them.

The title track comes from an e-mail that was between Hall and his mentor in his church. In their e-mails, his mentor would end with “until the whole world hears.” This spoke to Hall and gave way to this passionate and thought-provoking song. The song was recorded in his home church in Atlanta, Georgia ends with the congregation singing, “until the whole world hears” over and over. The first time I heard this song that was the part that stuck with me. When I heard it, it seemed that people had already received the message of the song. Hearing their voices in unison just makes the idea of the singing until the entire world hears even more evident and almost achievable. This song is a perfect device for people to hear about God. Lyrics stating “And I pray that they will see more of you and less of me…Lord I want my life to be the song you sing,” reminds us that this is a band that worships. They seek to give praise to Him and not themselves.

Another song on the album, “Always Enough,” stems from a tragedy that came from Hall’s congregation in Atlanta. In the midst of their heartache the members of Casting Crowns remembers that God’s love is always enough. Hall states, “When life is hard and tragedy comes, you discover how real Jesus is to you…that’s when we have to know He’s always enough.’”

Although the band has received numerous awards and countless praise, their mission remains the same: to continue to reach the masses through what God has called them to do. Any song that I listen to reminds me of their message, their strength and their love for Him. Their new album gives me hope, especially the title track. When you hear it next time, either on the radio or from their CD, remember their mission: sing until the whole world hears.

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