Spring Planting

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By Caro Jackson

It is spring and of course for those of us who find our “passion” often lies in the in the physical action of digging in the dirt…our time has come.  We gather our hoes and rakes and shovels with the single intent of putting a fresh face on our outer bounds.  Following the cool refreshing rain of a couple of weeks ago, little bits of green have begun to shine through the dingy color laid down by winter. We march forth with the eagerness of suffragettes on a mission.

In my case, my once profuse flowerbeds were suffering from major neglect and Lamar water or no water at all.  Then came 11 inches of rain and the first fatal freeze in 20 years What used to be lush green is now crispy brown or just bare.  I began in earnest on Friday with a “plan.”  I would begin at one end and work my way toward the walkway in the front before crossing over to the other side into the ginger jungle.  I cut back what few bushes I had remaining in hopes that they would begin anew with fresh healthy growth.  My macho fern didn’t look so mucho and the St. Augustine had wound its way into the beds forming a straw mat that I needed a machete to undo.

I was doing okay and making great progress until I entered the home of some sort of palm that I planted years ago next to the steps. The trunks and lower fronds were guarded by razor sharp points which I am certain were used as weapons in early days.  By the time I had cut them away from the house, I needed a transfusion and I still had to pick them up and put them in the truck for disposal.  It is now Saturday and I am still on the same side of the house.  My “fervor” was waning!

But after church Sunday, I attacked the remainder of the wild iris grass that had begun with 3 small clumps given to me by my dear friend Sara.  What I should have noted was that when she dug and divided hers, she didn’t put them back!  Four hours later I finally succeeded in removal of the grassy demons.

Where am I going with this?  Four years of benevolent neglect had taken a toll on my landscape and on me. I had grown “cold” and “dull”.  I had let my passion fade.  Granted life and weather also pull us away from those things that we enjoy the most.  It is hard to plant seeds in 40-mph wind!  I had lost my “fervor” for a gift that God had given me.  Instead of seeing the endless possibilities, I saw only the problems that faced me and did nothing.  Our recent sermons are prodding us to do what God has called us to do…to be fervent in spirit…to contribute…to practice hospitality…. cling to what is good…to overcome evil with good…. to rejoice….to weep….to be at peace….to always look for the possibilities rather than the liabilities because with God….all things are possible.  I don’t think Paul mentioned the landscape project but he pushed me to begin anew.

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