Ah Lord God!

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On sunny blue-skied days, I always enjoyed my 25-minute commute to Covington, KY. The view was breathtaking! That drive time provided ample focus for self-reflection and prayer. I watched the scenery unfold like a movie before my eyes. The curves and hills gave me abundant opportunities to play peek-a-boo with God. He had a surprise for me around every bend.
I’ve found my perspective affects my position, and my attitude affects my actions—so on the commute I pre-set my default mode to ensure the remainder of the day had the proper focus. This drive was my time to get programmed for everyday life.

One day the sunrays darted at angles through the puffy clouds, broadcasting to me that it was going to be a day of amazement. On my approach to the Ohio River, in what is called Cut-in-the-Hill, the Cincinnati sky-scape loomed before me in an almost gold and silver state of existence. So bright, and so spectacular! I couldn’t help but think to myself, similar to Jeremiah, “Ah, Lord God!” This manmade creation was inspired by our Lord of Beauty.

My ritual for success on those commutes looked like this: Topped the hill. Set the mood. Focused on God as creator, and worshipped Him. The rest of the day? Smooth sailing. Not perfect circumstances, but perfectly equipped to face the circumstances head-on.

PRAYER: Father, thank You for giving me Your amazing views in nature to help me refocus my views on life. Your beauty is breathtaking. Your power is dynamite. Your mercies are new every morning. You can play peek-a-boo with me anytime!

“Ah Lord GOD! Behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee,” Jeremiah 32:17 KJV.

Today’s devotion is by Kathy Carlton Willis, wife to Russ, pastor’s wife to many, author, editor, publicist, and speaker. Kathy Carlton Willis Communications encompasses her many passions.  Learn more about how she desires to “Shine the Light on Him and His” at: http://kcwcomm.blogspot.com/ or http://www.kathycarltonwillis.com/.

About Kathy Carlton Willis

Kathy Carlton Willis shines, whether she’s shining the light on God’s writers and speakers, or reflecting God’s Light during her speaking programs. She is Christ-servant, wife to Russ, editor, publicist, certified CLASSeminars faculty and AWSA member. KCW Communications encompasses her many passions. Schedule Kathy for a speaking event or contact her firm for promotional assistance. Learn more at http://www.kathycarltonwillis.com/.

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