No Comparison

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By Cami Checketts

My aunt used to tell me, “Honey you’re beautiful, but you’re just big-boned.” As you can imagine for a teenage girl, this sentiment bothered me a bit. But after years of exercising hard, eating right, and taking good care of myself, I’ve come to realize: I will never weigh a hundred pounds. I will never be petite.
The good news? I don’t care. I like being tall and strong. I love that I can carry my ninety-pound eleven-year-old to bed if he asks for it. I love that I know how to live healthy and I’m raising my boys to be healthy.

It’s easy to say, well, I’m doing better than the lady lifting weights next to me, but that just degrades her and me. We’re not here to compare ourselves with someone else. It’s okay for someone else to be thinner than we are. It’s okay for us to have different goals. Please don’t tear yourself down by comparing yourself to others and don’t tear someone else down to feel better about yourself. If you’re wasting your time comparing your number on the scale or your spirituality to someone else, you’ll never reach your own full potential.

My challenge to you, whether in exercise or life, is to be in charge of your own destiny. Turn to the Lord. Rely on him for support, encouragement and direction. Don’t be in competition with anyone but yourself. It feels so good to build others up. Don’t ever think it undermines your progress if someone else is doing well. Praise others. Love others. Serve others. When your heart is full of love for others and you’re leading your own life (with the Lord by your side, of course) you can accomplish any goal–be it health, family, work, or service-oriented.

I believe in each one of you. I know the Lord loves you. He created you to be the wonderful person you are. Don’t discount that creation by wanting to be someone else. This year concentrate on being your best you.

Cami Checketts is a wife, mother, exercise scientist, and author. Her latest book, The Sister Pact, is in stores now. For more information go to Copyright 2010

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Cami Checketts is a wife, mother of four boys, fitness consultant, and author. Please refer to her blogs for more information - -


3 Responses to “No Comparison”
  1. norma says:

    As always that was beautiful. I agree with you that everyone needs to feel loved. I can’t imagine how people can live without knowing the love of Christ. I love all of your writings and always looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thank you, Norma. I really appreciate your kind words. It’s people like you that help others feel the Savior’s love.
    Many blessings,

  3. What a great article!!! :)

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