Reclaiming Nick

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Written By Susan May Warren

Reviewed By J Renee Archer

Tyndale House

ISBN-13: 978-1-4143-1017-6

Reclaiming Nick is the story of Nick Noble and his return to the family cattle ranch. His father’s death and the threat of losing the ranch cause Nick to return home after a 10-year absence. Once at home, Nick realizes he needs to claim his mistakes and make amends. Being back on the ranch, he has to face the people that he hurt and that hurt him. As relationships heal, family secrets are revealed.

A rugged, yet charming, cowboy is someone most girls have dreamt of falling in love with, making them excellent romance novel characters. Most readers have never met a cowboy or experienced life on a ranch which means we like to read and dream about that lifestyle. We enjoy reading about a way of life that differs from our own. These elements alone are enough to capture the reader.

The challenge of romance writing is to make realistic and attractive characters to fulfill the romance component, without leading the reader into temptation, while providing enough plot to give cause for romance. Warren creates characters and a storyline that upholds the alluring element of life in the West and the cowboy personality while maintaining proper boundaries. Reclaiming Nick is off the charts in terms of plot. Just when I thought I knew where the story was leading, the next chapter veered off on a new cow path. Susan May Warren’s storyline is far from predictable. There is so much going on with the developing characters and plot that the romance aspect is often second fiddle.

Warren adequately draws the reader into the western scene by using jargon unique to that way of life. Readers learn the terms and tasks of ranch life but it is not overdone. The flare of life on the range is present without coming across as hokey.

Reclaiming Nick is a great read for more than the romance lover. For those who dream of living out west, you will enjoy the ranch setting. For those who have made mistakes and live with the regrets, you will see yourself in Nick. For those who have returned home to make peace, you will understand Nick’s struggle. For those who enjoy an unpredictable story read Reclaiming Nick and relish the trail Susan May Warren leads you down.

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