Where Do Those Angels Come From?

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By Janet Perez Eckles

Crazy, isn’t it? When life goes undisturbed, we stroll through the garden of prosperity and bask in the sunshine of success. Our feet sink in the green grass of hope while inhaling the sweet scent of anticipation for more good things to come.

But suddenly, a loud clap of thunder halts our steps. And a storm of adversity shakes our world. We wonder what happened. What went wrong? Where had we failed? How did we allow the rain of misfortune to pour on us?

But in the midst of our bewilderment, something totally strange, bizarre, actually, happens—an angel appears. Unannounced, often unseen, but definitely felt, angels show up in mighty and sometimes simple ways.

Recently, I picked up my white cane, and with anticipation for adventure, I headed to the airport on the way to a Christian writer’s conference.

In the myriad of events, great lectures, workshops and networking, one challenge continued to creep up—how to maneuver from session to session in that large hotel.

But rather than letting worry blot my enjoyment, I focused on the lectures, soaking in techniques for my writing. And, unexpectedly, at the end of a session, I’d hear a sweet voice. “Janet, can I help you get to the next class?”

No matter where I was or where I sat, that same offer for assistance sounded at the precise moment I needed it.

With a smile in my heart, I beamed with gratitude. The angels that touch my world not only during conferences but also throughout my life are the treasures brought about by trials. That’s right; adversity opens my eyes to see what compassion looks like, the features that adorn kindness, and the sweet traits of angels who appear from nowhere.

When my life had been undisturbed by trials, I’d been blind to the beauty of God’s love to send such angels, their role, and brilliant presence.

With gratitude dancing in my soul, and the spirit of thanksgiving swirling in my heart, confidence trickles in especially in the hot furnace of tribulations. When financial crisis or economy gloom God will send an angel to nudge us and point us to His Word:

“Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you. Surely I will help you. Surely I will uphold you With My righteous right hand.”Isaiah 41:10

Gloom can surround us, but God’s Word pierces through fear and shines with hope and reassurance…”surely” He says, He promises and declares.

Janet Perez Eckles is a national inspirational speaker, freelance writer, and contributor to twelve books including Chicken Soup for the Soul series. She authored, “Trials of Today, Treasures for Tomorrow”—         a true story of the journey to obtain contagious joy while creating success and excellence. www.janetperezeckles.com








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2 Responses to “Where Do Those Angels Come From?”
  1. Sweet Janet,

    Your sweet spirit attracts angels. You are a blessing to many and an angel of encouragement.

    God bless you my sweet sister-in-Christ,

    Lisa Buffaloe

  2. Norma Vera says:

    Great article Janet.

    Norma Vera

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