Out of the Depths of Sexual Sin

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Written By Steve Gallagher

Reviewed By Donald James Parker

In 2006 I heard the small still voice tell me to “go after the sexual revolution.” I was not quite sure how to do that, so I went searching for knowledge and wisdom on the subject. My pastor suggested that Steve Gallagher was the guy with the knowledge. I perused his list of several books. This one deals more with Steve’s journey to obey God and develop deep spiritual roots enabling him to lead a ministry than exploring sexual issues. The fact that the previous reviews on Amazon were only three stars argued against it as well. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I chose this book. It must have been a God thing. This works more than exceeded my expectations.

This book is great for women as well as men. This will give them vital insight into their husband’s temptations and potential failures. In addition to fulfilling his physical needs, a wife needs to bolster her husband’s capacity to resist the enemy and encourage him in his Christian commitment. Wives need to stay strong in the Lord in order to stand firm when the storms of life come. The first gut reaction when a spouse falls to temptation is to seek divorce, but that is exactly what the enemy desires. The best thing the couple can do is to be frank and open and to pray fervently together so when temptation comes, it can be brought to light and defeated. Temptation, like mold and mildew grows in the darkness. I’m convinced that sexual temptation is the number one weapon in the enemy’s arsenal. Another one is pride, something that Steve Gallagher is very familiar with. Spiritual pride may be the most dangerous flavor of the sin. God had to break him before his human pride was conquered. This book shines the spotlight on both of these strategies of the devil.

The first part of the book read like a novel. I did not want to put it down. Then the story of Steve’s ministry began, and the real meat of the book was introduced. Steve’s spiritual journey is the real substance to this book. His maturation process was at the same time a thing of pain and of beauty. He does not spare us the details of his struggles and betrayal of the Lord on more than one occasion. He has truly learned the secret (and shared it with us) that man truly must yield to God if he wants to be an instrument in the Creator’s hands. Our human ambition and selfishness always rises up to try to prevent us from reaching the spiritual heights God wants us to attain. When we think we have it all figured out and start coasting spiritually and relying on our human wisdom and charm, we find that the power we had when we walked totally in the spirit has dissipated. When that occurs, we no longer have the power within ourselves to freely love God and mankind as we were commanded.

I’ve had a glimpse of this paradoxical situation through my own journey, but this book hammered the concept home. Where this is no vision, the people perish. Thanks to this book, I have the vision. The focus now shifts to living the vision I have. This book should be read by every pastor in the world. I can guarantee you, if a pastor’s heart is truly open; his attitude toward his flock will never be the same after he reads about the struggle Steve reveals in his own heart dealing with spiritual pride. If you’re in charge of a men’s’ group, this is a book that you should read and discuss as a group. If you struggle with symptoms of being a Pharisee – like me – this book will either turn you off or allow you to see your blindness and get you on the road toward learning to love as Christ commanded. I’m starting down that trail right now and I realize there are lots of challenges and perils toward reaching the destination. I can’t help but think of Frodo Baggins and his quest with the ring. We too have a quest and a journey to make. This journey to find intimacy with God and agape love for our fellow humans is the quest we were all born for.

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  1. Thx Don. Great review. I love its frankness. nike

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