Clean Air, Clean Water…Clean Lives?

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By Gina Stinson

A friend recently said, “People today want clean water, clean air, but don’t necessarily want clean lives.” Isn’t that the truth?

Before we go pointing the proverbial finger, we Christians have to take a look at ourselves. It’s easy to say we want to live a life after God, but how often do we get caught up in the world? The muck and mire of our earthly walk stains our spiritual skin. We say on Sunday “I surrender all,” but by Tuesday we are singing a different tune.

Dedicating ourselves to clean living is a life process. We aren’t programmed for clean living, so it means we have to reprogram the way we think, talk, act, and walk. Instead of complaining and gossiping, we have to reprogram ourselves to be thankful and encouraging. Instead of doing our own thing, we have to reprogram ourselves to think of others…and the contrast could go on forever.

This spiritual walk is a constant learning process. It’s not overnight. It takes time. Making simple choices to change bad habits and unclean living will not only renew our minds and hearts, it will bring glory to our God.

PRAYER: Lord, help reprogram all my ways to match what You desire for me to be. Help me fall into the cleansing power-washing of Your Word daily to keep focused on the pure life You want for me.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me,” Psalm 51:10 KJV.

Today’s devotion is by Gina Stinson, wife to Bruce, mom to Savannah and Tucker and publicist assistant for Kathy Carlton Willis Communications. In her spare time you can find her blogging, gardening and working in her community and church. Check out her blog  

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