The Greatest Organizer

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By Virginia Smith

Thank goodness for electronic calendars. Back when I worked in the corporate world I learned to rely on my computer to organize my day, and that’s a time management technique I’ve kept in my career as a writer. Each morning I turn on my computer and examine my schedule, so I know what’s in store for me during the day. Often my hours are filled with back-to-back conference calls, appointments, meetings with editors, and looming deadlines. Without my electronic day planner, I wouldn’t know where to go, or what I’m supposed to do when I arrive.

God has a plan for my day, too. The Bible declares that the Lord has made each day, and arranged every moment to fit perfectly into His plan. Not only does He know about my lunch with a grieving friend, He also knows about the neighbor I’ll see on my way to the mailbox who needs a smile to brighten her morning. He knows about the lady at the grocery store who needs help lifting heavy bags into her car at the exact moment I pull into the parking place next to hers. Not a single encounter will take the Lord by surprise, because He has filled in every moment on the calendar He maintains for me. When I trust in Him, He’ll show me where to go and what to do, and my day will bring glory and honor to Him.

I will rejoice, and be glad in every day.

PRAYER: Lord, lead me to the tasks You have planned for me today.

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it,” Psalm 118:24 KJV.

Today’s devotion is by Virginia Smith, the author of over a dozen novels including Stuck in the Middle, which was a finalist for the 2009 American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year award, and the upcoming Third Time’s a Charm. Learn more about Ginny and her books at 

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3 Responses to “The Greatest Organizer”
  1. Kim Smith says:

    I love the message – so true and timely. ;)

  2. Lilian says:

    What an encouragement to be reminded that all of us shares the same blessing of being led by our Lord in every circumstance and person that we encounter daily.
    Today, I set aside my morning to spend quality time with the Lord instead of writing. Suddenly, our phone rang and a dear friend of mine called full of thanksgiving and praises to the Lord for her family, successful kids, and her volunteer ministry. As we ended our special fellowship on the phone with prayer, the doorbel rang. A younger couple with their son came for a visit to have some word of encouragement and prayer. The joyous fellowship ended with prayer too.What else can I ask for? In every situation, circumstance, and person the Lord brings presents some opportunities to experience the joy of serving for His glory and honor.
    May you enjoy all those God-given appointments! Lilian

  3. Susan says:

    Wow! I needed that today. All of a sudden plans for a 14 year old grandchild’s birthday turned into a double birthday for a friend who lost her mother last year very near her birthday, so four plus added guests, toddler menu items needed…tonight it will all come together, I pray all the guests will be in harmony. Some haven’t seen each other since they were kids themselves.

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