Eating for Good Grades

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By Brooke Parker

School is fully upon us.  My oldest just entered kindergarten so I’m new at being a school mom, and I’m concerned about my son’s well-being while he’s at school. The dietitian in me especially worries about his nutritional health, which affects his ability to focus on schoolwork throughout the day. I believe that this concern is extremely valid. The length of time away from home and accessibility to nutritious foods both pose a problem for optimal energy and focus. The following are basic concepts to simplify the school nutrition obstacle:

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So Not My Gift

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By Cynthia Ruchti 

I caught myself saying it again the other day as I cleaned up the church kitchen after helping to serve snacks during fellowship time following the worship service.

Choosing how much to purchase and prepare for an unknown number of congregants is “sooooo not my gift.”

The family of a newborn is counting on me to provide their supper on Wednesday night. Me? I can cook. It’s not that. I actually cook pretty well. But I feel so much more comfortable writing a clever little poem for a baby shower than I do providing a meal. I told the deaconess in charge of scheduling meals for situations like this, “I found it funny, considering my crazy life this week. Rather than saying yes, I should have requested meals for ME!”

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What Does a Quarter Buy?

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By Susan Dollyhigh  

“The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40 (NIV)

 What can you buy with a quarter?  Not even a pack of gum today, but in 1963 a quarter would buy my lunch at school.  With this bit of trivia I’m telling my age but it’s worth it to tell the rest of the story.

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From a Hole

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By Cheri Cowell

Have you ever fallen in a hole? Recently my local news shared the story of a woman who, while out walking her dog, fell into a ten-foot deep, two-foot wide cylinder-shaped hole. It took several hours for the rescuers to safely extract her from her earthen prison.

There have been many times I’ve fallen into a hole. Oh, not a real hole, but a hole nonetheless. These are the dark times in my life; times when I’ve felt alone, persecuted, misunderstood, even abandoned by God. There is no way God can reach me here, I say, knowing that it’s not true.

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Book Review: Worth A Thousand Words

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Written by Stacy Hawkins Adams

Reviewed By Michelle Sutton

About the book:

Life has always gone Indigo Burns’s way. She’s smart, pretty, and talented, and she knows exactly what she wants. A photography internship at her hometown’s local newspaper is the next step in her well-laid plans for her future. But her long-term goals are put to the test when her boyfriend Brian proposes–two years before he’s supposed to and in front of all the guests at her college graduation party. Too concerned about his feelings to say no, she heartily agrees, but inside she’s cringing….

My review:

Ms. Adams has an amazing ability to make the reader see a variety of perspectives without straying from Biblical truths. She doesn’t always wrap things up in a tidy manner. I love that. I also love that every book Ms. Adams writes gets me thinking about people I know or situations I am familiar with and may even be struggling with myself. Her stories are solid and emotionally deep without being manipulative of the reader’s feelings. They confront important decisions that young people need to make and challenge the reader to look at all angles.

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