A Symphony of Praise

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There was a commercial a while back that I just loved.  It showed a dad getting breakfast for a toddler who was being occupied on the kitchen floor with the pots and pans.  The Dad was getting annoyed with the child's attempts at music until he came up with a solution.  He put on earphones and listened to great music composers as his child looked happily on at Dad, who was now enjoying his son's musical talent.  I see God doing the same thing for us.

We feebly try to offer praises to God with our musical (or non-musical) talents, our attempts at serving others before ourselves (even though our pride continues to creep in), and our attempts at a devotional and prayer life that falls short of the ultimate goal.  God sees our efforts and He smiles.  He then magically hears and sees a magnificent symphony of praises.  He enjoys us, not for who we are right now, but whom He created us to be—children of the King.

This is the last psalm in the collection, and some feel it sums up all the other psalms perfectly.  What great law did Jesus say we were to keep, and how well does that fit with our new understanding of this psalm?  Hint: It begins with "Love God with all your…"

PRAYER: Thank You, God, for how You take my attempts at praise and supernaturally turn them into a symphony piece.  Help me make every breath I breathe today a praise offering to You, for You are worthy of my praise.

“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.  Praise ye the LORD,” Psalm 150: 6 NET.

Today’s devotion is by Cheri Cowell, Asbury Theological Seminary student, known as author and speaker on the deep questions of faith.  Her first book Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of Your Life (Beacon Hill) is being called a biblically-sound, no nonsense approach to making God-centered life choices.  For comments or to inquire about her speaking schedule, visit www.DirectionAndDiscernment.com/.

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