Crazy Love

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Written by Francis Chan 
Reviewed by Robin Shope 

I am in love with Francis Chan’s Crazy Love!

Are you missing it?  Am I?  Are we missing the reason for our lives here on earth?  Chan writes with an infectious enthusiasm that makes the reader catch fire, wanting to act on God’s Word in his hot release, Crazy Love.  We are challenged to take the Bible seriously and paint contemporary Christians as ‘lukewarm’ who tend to revel in the good life while ignoring the needs of others.  In harsh contrast, the book offers real-life stories of believers who have given their all—time, funds, health, talents, and even their lives—in obedience to accepting Christ’s call.  Here are only a few: Lucy may look like a sweet grandma to you and she is; only she once lived as a street prostitute.  Today she is saved and opens her home to other young women.  The Robynson Family bypasses the presents on Christmas morning to head downtown and feed the hungry.

In a time where we affluent are seen among God’s elite, Chan reminds us we are not here to build our kingdom but Christ’s Kingdom.  We brought nothing into this world so we can take nothing out.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the most valuable possession we will ever have.  Chan lives what he preaches, which I found very refreshing.  The Californian minister has downsized his home and even drives a 1996 Nissan so he can give more of his resources to those in need.

We are sinful creatures that fall short of the glory of God and yet He still loves us with this crazy kind of love that surpasses all understanding.

The book leaves you wanting to be better; kinder, more merciful, forgiving.  It makes me know that I can make a dent in the world too.  I realized that living the ‘status quo’ life is no longer sufficient.  When Jesus was asked, “What is the greatest commandment?”  He answered, “Love”.  Love is easy to say but love without actions (work) is dead.

To get a taste out of what I mean watch the free video at .You will come away with the awareness that what we do does matter.  Earnest Christians will find important lessons from his outstanding book.  We can live our “best life” …right now.  I highly recommend this book to those who need a new zeal for God's word and for those who want to read about a church wholly committed to doing God's will on earth.

Robin Shope is a former missionary, and currently a Special Education Coordinator at the Denton County, Texas Juvenile Justice System for at risk kids.  She’s been married for 32 years and has two children and one grandson.  She has nearly 200 articles in print, and her sixth book, Wildcard, was released May 2009.  Her book The Christmas Edition will become a movie, and is currently in pre-production.  You can read her online book, Passages at her blog.

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