The Blood of Lambs

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Written By Kamal Saleem
Reviewed By Rhonda Clark 

Book Jacket:

How does an innocent boy grow into a hate-filled terrorist?

AT THE AGE OF 4, Kamal Saleem learned at his mother’s table that his highest calling was to be martyred while killing infidels—particularly Americans and Jews.

WHEN HE WAS ONLY 7, he went on his first mission, smuggling weapons into Israel as a child soldier for Yasser Arafat.

BY AGE 15, already an explosives expert, he trained international terrorists in the desert camps of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

AS A YOUNG MAN, Kamal’s reputation for ruthless violence grew, and he pursued the cause of jihad in Paris, London, Afghanistan, and the opulent palaces of Saudi sheikhs, raising millions to fund the Palestine Liberation Organization’s exploits in global terror.  Finally, he was sent to infiltrate the United States to convert the weak, the poor, and the needy to radical Islam.

BUT THEN, a life-changing crisis caused him to question the worldview he had spent his entire life pursing.  Through the kindness of strangers, his heart was changed, and he came to know the unconditional love of God.

This personal, unprecedented story of the making—and unmaking—of an Islamic terrorist will enlighten, inspire, and spark a healthy fear in the hearts of all who read it.

My Review:

When I received this book, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it.  I’m not one for dry political rehashing, but The Blood of Lambs is not a rehashing.  This is the story of a real man who dedicated his life to eradicating ‘infidels.’  In Muslim culture, that includes not only Christians and Jews, but anyone who isn’t Muslim, i.e. Americans.

Through flashbacks, you relive the events in his life that made Mr. Saleem who he is today.  On almost every page of this book, I could see how God—not Allah—was protecting young Kamal and preparing him for the role he has today.  Over and over Kamal Saleem should have died in the “one way missions”, but he survived due to the grace of the One and Only God—the Father of Jesus Christ.

Many people have called Mr. Saleem a liar, and given him unfair press.  After reading this book, I believe he is a modern day prophet sounding a warning to not only the western world, but to Christians worldwide.  Every American should read this book.  We should heed his warnings, and as Christians we should be on guard and at full alert.


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