Book Review: Prayer Power-30 Days to a Stronger Connection with God

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Written by Peter Lundell
Reviewed by J Renee Archer 

Peter Lundell’s book Prayer Power is a guide to creating and building a prayer life.  With thirty concise chapters, this book is a natural fit for a month long study.  The book is divided into five broader categories while each chapter covers a different prayer element. Lundell begins by teaching readers the importance of yearning for God and a close relationship with Him through prayer.  The next step leads to personal growth that will result in a more fulfilling prayer life.  Prayer Power then covers using helps, internal and external.  Several chapters are devoted to spiritual warfare and how that impacts prayer and our relationship with God.  The concluding section pushes the reader to move out of his/her comfort zone to experience prayer in new ways.

There are lots of books on the power of prayer but Prayer Power speaks to a different audience.  Most prayer books assume the reader already has a thriving prayer life, other books tell readers the great things that can result from prayer life.  This book develops the desire and ability to have a prayer life.  Lundell presents practical steps and easy-to-apply suggestions.  He doesn’t declare the “right” way to pray; he offers suggestions and options so the reader can see how a connection with God can fit into his/her life.

Two aspects of this book stand out to me: the prayer starter at the end of each chapter and the comprehensive presentation of the subject matter.  First, the prayer starter that concludes each chapter nudges the reader to immediately put into practice the element of prayer discussed in the chapter.  I can’t think of a better way to practically verify what was learned.  Second, Lundell is thorough and comprehensive in his teaching of prayer and connecting with God.  The chapters are short, yet complete.  Each section gives the reader enough to consider and learn without overwhelming.  This style keeps the reader engaged rather than bogged down.  Readers will feel like they can accomplish the goal of a better prayer life because Lundell takes one step at a time.

With confidence I recommend this book and say it is the best book I have read on prayer.  For those who desire a close prayer walk but aren’t sure where or how to begin, let Prayer Power encourage you.  For those who have a daily quiet time with God but need some rejuvenation, let Prayer Power refresh you.  For those who participate in a prayer group, let Prayer Power broaden and enhance your experience.  People with any and all types of prayer lives will benefit from Lundell’s book.

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