Book Review: The Fourth of July

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Written by Cami Checketts
Reviewed by Robin Shope

Colleagues Alexis Osborne and Chris Harmer have worked together for years, yet neither have a clue to the other’s attraction. Chris, an FBI agent and Alexis, the bureau’s psychologist, have always shared a somewhat flirtatious rapport over the years. A series of personal tragedies draw them even closer, creating an even greater obstacle.  Alexis is a Christian and Chris has lost his faith in God. He cares deeply for Alexis but there is no way he plans on converting. Alexis will not spend her life with someone who does not share her beliefs.

There are two plots that carry the reader through the story. The first is Chris and Alexis’s relationship. The second is about a group of terrorists, seeking revenge against Americans for killing one of their leaders. It sets off a string of attacks across the country on the Fourth of July.

Chris and his partner Dylan begin work immediately to track down the terrorists and bring them to justice, but Chris soon realizes that he’s more personally involved than he could have imagined. And, because of this personal connection, the lives of the people he cares for are threatened.

The author is a talented writer, making this book an enjoyable read. The characters are well defined and the struggle is clear and real. There were many things about this book that I really enjoyed. The relationship between Chris and Alexis was the best part. Watching it develop was entertaining and I found myself cheering every time they made a connection. Their scenes were cute, self-conscious, affectionate, and passionate. I must admit, at times I wanted to shake Alexis a bit because she let too many things become a wall to her relationship with Chris. The couple served as a wonderful foil as one is a follower of Christ and the other is resisting Him.

Chris’s partner, Dylan and his family played an important part in balancing the story.  Rachel, Dylan's wife, struggled with his dedication to his profession and felt it came first in his life. The drama was good and relatable in many instances.

The Fourth of July is enjoyable. However, I stumbled at times over the many points of view but the author handled it well. This is an inspirational romance with a strong Christian theme. The book primarily focused on four main characters. Each had their own unique problems and personalities. It is a beautiful story that will invoke many emotions. The book is well-written.

I recommend this for those who are a romance connoisseur and enjoy reading about terrorists.

Robin Shope is the author of The Christmas Edition, a soon to be made movie. The Valentine Edition is a featured book in the Great Escape 2009. You can find out more about her at

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