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“Your life was saved by a miracle for a reason.” Ashley explained. A man who’d killed four people in an Atlanta courthouse shooting now held Ashley Smith hostage. As she gained Nichol’s trust he untied her and they began talking. Later she cooked him breakfast.

God is a God of second chances. Peter denied Christ, yet his faith became the rock on which the church was built. Today’s story is one of my favorite double u-turns. An Ethiopian eunuch, castrated as a boy, was denied entrance to the temple for worship. On his trip home, Philip overheard him reading from the prophet Isaiah.

“Like a sheep he was led to the slaughter, and like a lamb silent before his shearer, so he does not open his mouth.”

Philip shared about Jesus who, for no fault of his own, also bore the ridicule of the people, yet gave His life for all who were outcast, marked, and condemned. The Good News was shared with a non-Jew, quite a turn around, and the Ethiopian’s life was turned around—forever set free.

Ashley placed a large plate of pancakes before Brian Nichols; then slid the butter and syrup across the table. With tears in his eyes he stared at the tub of butter. “You’re serving me real butter?”

Ashley served Brian the real thing. She served him Christ through her love and compassion.  Philip served the eunuch Christ. Both Brian and the Ethiopian were given a second chance because of love. Who do you know needs real butter?

PRAYER: Thank You, Lord, for being a God of second chances. Help me to offer a second chance to those You place before me today. Give me the opportunity to serve real butter.

“Then the eunuch said to Philip, “Please tell me, who is the prophet saying this about – himself or someone else?” So Philip started speaking, and beginning with this scripture proclaimed the good news about Jesus to him,” Acts 8:34-35 NET.

Today’s devotion is by Cheri Cowell, Asbury Theological Seminary student, known as author and speaker on the deep questions of faith. Her first book Direction: Discernment for the Decisions of Your Life (Beacon Hill) is being called a biblically-sound, no nonsense approach to making God-centered life choices. For comments or to inquire about her speaking schedule, visit

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