Willing to Eat the Good of the Land

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By Angelia Mitchell

Revelation comes in many different ways, sometimes by subtle surprise, sometimes with a loud voice and eyes wide open. Regardless, you know the revelation is from God when it lines up with his Word.

Several years ago I was struggling with many health issues and I began to pray.  I allowed God to lead me through the Bible.  As my search for knowledge lingered on, I came across Isaiah 1:19, “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land.”

In most teachings this scripture is used with the understanding that by being willing and obedient you can increase in prosperity.  But then I was directed by the Holy Spirit to reread Isaiah 1:19.  As I did, God gave me revelation:  To be obedient I must be willing to eat the good of the land.  To eat the good things, to eat them willingly, is obedience.  The dictionary describes willing as a desire, to consent to yield and accept.  Obedience is described as hearing, a listening. If we seek God to find out what we are in need of physically, God is faithful to answer concerning any area, even our bodies and diets.  

The good of the land, as mentioned in Isaiah, points to what the ground yields.  Yes, fruits, vegetables and grains!  If you look in the book of Daniel, you see that he tested the views of man on health and diet and used the wisdom of God to be stronger and leaner than the other men by eating fruits and vegetables.  Daniel also stayed away from sweets and wine. Daniel had a strong prayer life that kept him in relationship with God.  This relationship was a direct result of guidance toward even the saving of his life.  Not just from the lions, but setting him apart from the rest in his physical body.

Why don’t you try going veggie, like Daniel, for 10 days? You should begin to feel a difference around the third day. You can get a balanced diet from fruits and vegetables filled with fiber, protein and vitamins.  Not to mention the enzymes that break down foods in the digestion process and boost the immune system while increasing metabolism.  Asparagus, broccoli and nuts can offer more than 30 grams of protein per serving.  Apples, avocados and bananas are some of the most fiber-filled foods.    
Some of us know we have allergies or irritations to certain foods, or that we have higher cholesterol levels, for example.  Obedience would be to avoid these types of foods and eat according to the knowledge of their guidelines. An example of willingness would be to make those choices happily and thankfully that God has provided the wisdom.

I am not suggesting that meat is not biblical to eat, nor am I suggesting having a lifetime avoiding meat.  I am asking you to get into a relationship with God and find out what to include or avoid in your diet that would be in obedience to God’s plan for you, and to attempt it willingly.  

Simply put, I am challenging you to seek God for your individual requirements. If you keep up healthy changes for 21 days you will have created a habit. Also, find time to pray.  Even though made in his likeness, we all have different needs.  With the toxins of our day; UV rays, pollution, chemicals and pesticides these all affect us in various ways.  A serious prayer life and guidance from the word will help you to have length of days.  

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Angelia Mitchell is a servant, wife, mother, daughter and a friend.  Led by the spirit, been through the fire and the rain to show His goodness in everything.  © 2009

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