God Knows About Cars

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By Joy Thomas 

I did believe in God when I was a child.  I knew He loved me, and died for me, and was waiting to welcome me into heaven when I died.  But when I went away to college, heaven seemed far, far away.  I felt alone and helpless being on my own without someone telling me what to do.  One of my  professors told me I should try meditating to make my mind more peaceful. I tried it and it seemed to help.

There was a small Buddhist community in my college town, and I began meditating morning and night, and listening to long talks by the patient Buddhist guru.  The war between good and evil was in our minds, he said, and the way of peace was in surrender.  It sounded good until one day I realized what he meant was a personal surrender.  To him. That's when I woke up.  I had gotten into a car with a stranger and I had to get out.     

God opened the door.  He spoke into my ear and told me the truth.  I needed to commit myself to Him and not the guru.  Jesus was the one who loved me and had given Himself for me.  I gladly surrendered my life to Him and I could feel His presence with me.  I found a church where people believed that God was not just for the hereafter, but that He answered prayers now.  It was so exciting to have a relationship with God.  He loved me and wanted to bless me in every way – spiritually, emotionally, physically and even financially.      

I was so used to having a passive attitude about everything and just letting things happen.  It was hard to make any kind of decision at all.  I just wanted to do whatever God wanted.  The Lord showed me that if I had a van I could help people move or give them rides.  But should I sell my old car first and then go buy a van?  Or should I go buy the van and then sell my car?  If I sold my car first I'd have more money.  But wouldn't I need a car in order to go look for a van?  My mind was going in circles.

Finally, I realized that I could just ask God to help me.  What a relief!  I asked Him very simply to make it plain to me what I should do.  It was as though the prayer went right up through the roof of my house into God's ears.  I knew that He had heard and was going to answer.  

I had not told anyone about my dilemma.  There was no for sale sign on my car, no ad in the paper.  I felt sure that God would handle this for me.  He was going to make it clear what I should do.  A few hours later there was a knock on my door.  A man was standing there looking nervous and hopeful. “I know this may sound strange,” he said, “but I was wondering if you might be willing to sell me your car.  I pass this way on my way to work every day and I noticed your car.  You see, I have one just like it – the same model and year.  A few weeks ago I had an accident and wrecked the front of my car.  I noticed that your car has quite a big dent in the back.  If you'd be willing to sell it, I could fix my car. I've been wanting to ask you, and my wife told me I should just go up to the house and ask you, but I just got up my nerve today.”

I stood there grinning, speechless with amazement.  When I was able to speak, I told him I had just been praying about that, and I would gladly sell him the car.  We made a deal on the spot.  I used the money to buy a big blue van.  God and I were going to have some adventures, and I could hardly wait to find out what He wanted to do next.


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