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By Courtney Rogers 

 Imagine a blazing hot summer day. You have been outside for several hours, and the sweat is now pouring out of you. At this very moment, what do you desire most? A tall, ice-cold glass of water would be heaven right about now. It would cool you down and quench your thirst.

Like the cold glass of water, God is the same. As Christians we have a desire deep in our soul. We need God. We need His presence. We need His Word. Whether we are having a bad day or are perfectly fine, we have this uncontrollable desire for Him. We need our thirst to be quenched. But how do we quench that thirst? As we desire God, He desires us. He wants our praise, our time, and a relationship with us. AS we give Him these things He desires, our thirst is being quenched. Spend time reading your Bible and talking to Him. Praise Him daily. Psalm 96:3-4 says, “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; he is to be feared above all gods.”

 We were made in His image. Being made in the image of God, means to reflect Him. The thirstier we get, the more we desire. The simple thirst of wanting to know Him quickly turns into the thirst to become like Him. Lanny Donoho said it perfectly in his book God’s Blogs. He said, “Reflections happen best when you are standing near to that which you want to reflect. That which you were made to reflect. God’s descriptions shines from Him and bounce off of us into the lives of others.” We all have a thirst. Whether it’s desiring God or wanting to reflect Him, the thirst needs to be quenched by just being with God.

Lanny Donoho, 2005, God’s Blog’s, Multnomah


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