It All Comes Down To Respect

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By Rhonda Clark 

“Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery.” Heb. 13:4(NLT)

Americans give very little respect to the institute of marriage. Some see it as a shackle that imprisons one to another, sort of like the ring in the nose to be led around. Many see marriage as something to pass the time until a better deal comes along, while others simply don’t understand the concept of marriage, or their role in the union. Then there are those who believe marriage is unnecessary. A piece of paper shouldn’t stand in the way of love.

So why the low regard for a God designed institution?

We simply don’t respect one another.

Within marriage, respect comes from deep within the soul. It’s giving your spouse a value, or worth, which others may not see. Respect is the tie that makes a marriage work. When a couple has respect for each other, they “give honor to marriage,” and to God. When a couple values their marital commitment above all else, their spousal relationship is strengthened. 

A man, who puts a great value on his marriage, will see his wife as precious and priceless. She’s the crowning jewel of his life. In turn, she will see her own self-worth. She will know she’s valued for more than what she can do for others. Also, she won’t see her husband as a moldable lump of clay, but as a man who has worth.

I understand there’s more to marriage than showing respect. My own marriage of 15 years is testimony to that. I also realize that showing respect to your spouse won’t save every crumbling marriage, or create some harmonious bliss within your household. It’s only a start to reinvigorating the marital union. I challenge you to search your heart, and see if true respect is lacking in your marriage.  


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