Your Perfect Soul Mate

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By Jacque Dodson 

Every girl spends time dreaming of that special someone who will listen to her deepest thoughts – someone who understands her feelings even before she does.  She dreams of a relationship that “clicks.”

Publishers count on the purchasing power of women who are promised “10 Looks Sure to Catch a Man,” or “10 Foods that Slim in 10 Days.” We peruse magazines and info-mercials that state there are “357 Fashion Ideas” for this season and “23 Great Things for Hair.”  If we buy what they sell, we are promised to feel better about ourselves and be assured the male species will take notice.  Could it be possible that we actually believe our perfect soul mate lies behind what the publishers and producers sell?  Many of us invest our time, energy and money banking on the vision they create.

Our most precious commodity – time – builds the strongest relationship.  Yet as we set  priorities for ourselves, time gets divided among too many options.  Should we choose a quiet corner in a local coffee shop with our soul mate or should we choose a pedicure, manicure, microderm-abrasion appointment, lunch with the girls, or shopping for that special outfit?  All this effort eats away minutes and hours and takes a great deal of effort.  The bottom line question to ask is – if we have contrived and manipulated to make the right fashion statement and younger look work for us, will the end result meet our desire – a perfect soul mate?  

Ladies, make your choice between looking fabulous while you watch and read about your perfect love or actually experience the unique relationship with your soul mate.  A decision awaits us.  Determine whether softly spoken words of endearment are preferable over the latest TV soap or hottest New York Times best seller.  The intimate relationship we desire is possible – that of being loved and accepted from the inside out.  But dedicated time spent with our soul mate must take priority.  The words of love we so desire are spoken.  But quiet time spent listening must be assigned top priority every day.

Consider the one who tells us, “I have loved you with an everlasting love,” and “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  Those of us who have experienced loss and shattered dreams might also ponder the one who has our best interests at heart when he says, “I know the plans I have for you – plans to prosper and not to harm, plans to give you a future” Jesus Christ, the Word of God, speaks and invites us to “come and reason with Him.”   The one who loves us deeply and in whom we can trust intimately is the perfect match for our soul. 


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