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By Ryan Mulkowsky 

Sling n Stone is a Christian rock band from Orlando, Florida; their name comes from the story of David and Goliath. According to their MySpace page their name reflects everyday battles that Christians face; the band members want their music to bring encouragement and remind Christians of the grace they have found in Jesus Christ. Their music has a rock/pop sound with worship undertones which is appealing to most listeners. Their music is unashamedly Christ-centered and discusses the everyday feelings and struggles Christians go through. But with Christ and in Him, we can overcome those struggles.

On their MySpace page they have six songs that show a true life balance between one’s relationship with God and everyday life; how the two can mold beautifully with the grace of God. Their songs range from beautiful ballads to fast-paced to somewhere in between; but no matter what arrangement the song is in, the message remains the same: Jesus Christ.
The rock-driven song, “Here I Go,” speaks about how we should not be foolish with our lives; how the Word of God is all we need to live our lives to the fullest potential, through the grace of God. Even when we mess up and fall down, this song encourages us to get back up and continue on the path that God has laid out before us.
Another one of their songs, “Up on High,” is a beautiful ballad that talks about the destiny of heaven for the believer and how this place is so exciting and beautiful that words cannot truly express its goodness. It’s a unity song that should bring all believers together, and is a picture of those who have gone through pain and struggles of all kinds and how they will lay those aside for perfect, glorified bodies. This song should make all Christians think about whether they are truly ready for an eternity in heaven or not, and how we need to focus on eternity more in our lives here on earth.

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