Leaf Me Alone

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By Lisa Buffaloe  

Shedding their fall coat, trees send showers of yellow and brown fluttering to the ground. The leaves blanket our backyard and the rocks of my homemade version of a tiny river. Sitting on the edge, I clear out debris to allow the water to flow free.

I want my life to resemble a clean river—sparkling with the healing, quenching of God’s love, grace, and mercy. Unfortunately, daily living sometimes clogs with worry and anxiety. Leaves of life pelt never-ending problems: health concerns, career choices, economy woes, unpaid bills, parenting, relationships…. Some days the worry leaf pile looks so large, I’d need a twenty-ton blower to clear the mess.

Every day, I have to choose to trust God. If I focus on Him and His incredible power—the power that is above all powers on this earth, I don’t have to worry. He is bigger than anything that can blow my way.  

Maybe it's time to treat my problems much like my fall leaves. Rake 'em into a pile and even free fall into them a time or two. And, when I get tired of getting dirty, I’m going to give them to God, and let Him set them on fire.  

Join me. I’ll even bring the marshmallows.   

“Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to Him, for God is our refuge”
(Psalm 62:8 NIV).


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