The Very Hairs on our Heads

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By Jane Thornton  

I thought it would never happen to us. In spite of my lack of diligence in housekeeping, our family took personal hygiene seriously. So, several years ago, when my daughter’s head itched madly, lice never occurred to me—until I saw a bug skitter through her hair.

This horrifying realization led to frantic research on solutions. After repeated ritual hair-washing and sterilizing of bed linens, we settled into the tedious business of literal “nit-picking”. At least twice daily, for several days, we sat under the bright kitchen lights and painstakingly combed through her hair in half-inch sections. Each section had fifty to one hundred hairs to inspect for tiny hair-colored dots. Why had I ever taken pride in her thick head of hair? Each session took a good two hours.

It was a wearisome, but fairly mindless, task. I had time to marvel that God knew the exact number of hairs on this precious head. I could not even keep a close count of the individual strands in one section. Later as I – very thoroughly – washed my own hair, I was newly conscious of the handful I seemed to shed at each washing or brushing. And my God, my King, my Lord stays aware of this ever-changing number?

His loving attention to such a minute detail awes and astounds me. How can I fear what life may bring when I remember how very involved the master of the universe is in my life?

Luke 12:7 – “But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.”


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