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FLANDERS, NJ (November, 2008) – JMG Comics, a division of JMG Studios, has announced its plans for 2009.  In 2008, the publisher drew widespread publicity with its first release, MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #1: DAVID VS. GOLIATH.  The premiere issue brought the timeless bible tale to life in a whole new way, by transporting it to a future world of aliens, robots and advanced technology.

Now, JMG announces the second issue in the series, MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #2: THE RISE OF DAVID.  This issue will be significant in two ways: it is both the beginning of a three issue story arc and the debut of a new artist for the series.

“The new storyline, ‘The Rise of David’ is what I like to call ‘The Fugitive’ of the Old Testament,” said Paul Castiglia, Managing Editor and co-creator of the series.  “David’s fame in slaying Goliath comes at a price.  Now he’s on the run from King Saul, whose royal lineage is threatened.  This leads to a series of thrilling near misses, exciting chase scenes and intriguing hiding places.”   

“Over the course of the story, David grows from boy to man,” added co-creator and co-writer Tom Hall.  “Telling this tale in one issue simply wasn’t an option, so we’re happy that it will be our first multi-issue epic.”

Taking over the art chores for the next chapter of David’s life is Josh Alves.  Alves made a name for himself with “The Araknid Kid,” his entry in the Zuda webcomics competition run by DC Comics.  Alves is also the creator of the newspaper strips, “Tastes Like Chicken” and “Zeek and Dent,” and contributed a story to the Christian comics anthology, “Parable.”   

“Choosing Alves as our next artist made perfect sense,” said Castiglia.  “The frantic action taking place in several locales made us think of animation, and Alves has that fluid animator feel in abundance.  We consider him a perfect match for the material.”

Also coming out in 2009 is a new series from JMG called BEYOND.  Suggested for older teens and adults, this black and white anthology presents a world “beyond” any readers have known.  A world where horror, science-fiction and fantasy collide to explore the fate of souls confronted by faith—those who have it, those who find it, and in some cases, those who lose or never had it.  The debut issue of this thrilling new anthology series is written and fully-painted by fan-favorite artist Jeff Slemons, whose stunning artwork has graced the covers of MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES.  In Slemons’ “Rude Awakening,” Pastor Phelps regains consciousness to find he’s left this mortal coil… and hasn’t exactly landed in the place most Pastors expect to go!  What went wrong, and can it ever be set straight?   

JMG Comics is offering special promotions to retailers who order the March-shipping titles MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #2 and BEYOND #1 through our comic shop distributors, Haven Distributors ( and Enemi Entertainment (  Stores that order 3 copies of MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #2 will receive a copy of issue #1 for free.  Stores that order 3 copies of BEYOND #1 will get a fourth copy of BEYOND for free.  Interested comic shops should submit their orders to our distributors by mid-January.

Additionally, for those retailers who missed MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES #1 on its initial release, it is receiving a more formal direct sales comic shop release in January.  Haven and Enemi are taking orders for issue #1 through mid-November, offering retailers the opportunity to jump on board this exciting new series from the very first issue.     

The MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES issues are 32-page, full color comics retailing for $2.25.  BEYOND is a 32-page black & white comic book with a $2.99 cover price.

JMG Comics are also available to Christian bookstores through Anchor Distributors ( and can be purchased directly by readers at  

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MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES can be found on the Internet at   

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MECHA MANGA BIBLE HEROES © Imagi-Notion Associates LLC.  RUDE AWAKENING © Jeff Slemons.  All Rights Reserved.

Artwork is available upon request.

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