Book Review: Chill Out Josey

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Book Written by Susan May Warren  
Review Written by Michelle Sutton  

Josey Anderson will be the perfect wife. She and Chase did have the perfect wedding if you don't count the matron of honor going into labor. Now all she has to do is find a cute Cape-style house, report for the Gull Lake, Minnesota newspaper, bake cookies and learn to sew, is that so difficult?

But, when Chase lands a new job in Moscow, Josey's dreams disintegrate. After all, she's been there and done that as a missionary. A city without year-round hot water, decent takeout or maternity clothes does not allow perfection! But what's the perfect wife to do?

Don't read this book in public. All of the snickering and snorting will draw attention to yourself and you won't be able to hold it back. I read about four pages of this book to my son the other night (while we were waiting to start a game) and even he (Mr. Serious) started rolling in laughter with me. Josey is such a great character. Her thoughts were hilarious, and her antics were totally nuts, but she tries so hard you've gotta love her. She is a bit naive when it comes to some things, but fortunately, the trust she places in people is not destroyed. You have to love someone who cares as much she does, right? Isn't that what makes her so adorable? I think so.

Josey had funny names for people that will make you laugh, but she is descriptive without sounding mean, and I loved that. She referred to the Russian women (who worked with her husband) as the underfeds because they were so thin compared to her. And when she starts going through her internal pregnancy and compares herself to a manatee, make sure your mouth is empty, or you'll spew food on your book. Trust me, this story is a keeper. You won't want to ruin it.

I especially enjoyed one of the key props in this book. Josey referred to them using a pet name, scary pants. There is a whole lot of subtle meaning that goes into that clothing item. Brilliantly done! Personally, I think this author is the most gifted in writing funny chick lit. I hope Josey's legacy continues, or I'll be one sad reader. Of all of the books I've read in the past year, this is by far the most amusing, but it also had some profoundly insightful moments that were a natural part of the storyline.

Lest you think you will get only humor from this book, let me set you straight now. Josey gains insight into her inner life and motivations, and as a reader you will do some soul-examining along with her. The spiritual message is wonderful. Steeple Hill deserves major kudos for publishing this work of art. This is what Christian chick lit should be about…humor and depth. Susan May Warren has that going on here, so enjoy!

About the reviewer:  Michelle Sutton is dubbed the Edgy Inspirational Author. Her website can be found at and her popular blog is at


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