Artist Spotlight: Chelsie Boyd

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By Randy L. Henderson  

The future of gospel music is bright because of young anointed vessels like Chelsie Boyd, who will take it to another level.  At the tender age of 15, she has a bright and promising future ahead of her. In the age of excess, God has placed in our midst a young woman who expresses her love for Jesus Christ, through her songs.

Chelsie’s mission is to inspire and encourage others to use the talents and gifts that God has given them to help spread the message of Jesus. She believes that everyone can reach someone and you’re never too old or young to do something for God.

On her 2006 release "Enter In", we enter into the presence of the Lord through the song “In the Calm.” With daily pressures to conform to our surroundings, we desperately need the calming presence of the Lord to guide us to our next destination. We’re on a life-long journey to be all that we can be for Christ. Standards like: “Amazing Grace” and “Tis so Sweet” are artfully represented by her youthful vocals and music.

“Sing to the King” catapults your praise and adoration to the heavens above. Guitars and drums whisk the listener away on an energetic and praise-filled ride. Praise should be given from an adoring heart, not from a tedious duty.

As we enter into His presence, we shouldn’t hold anything back from Christ. Chelsie’s song “Nothing Back” is a clarion call for a personal relationship with the One who has redeemed us by His precious blood. “All I’ve got, all I am, all my dreams and all my plans, I’m holding back, I’m holding nothing back, from you.”

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