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By Suzann Maree  

Often the most life-changing revelation dawns on you in a moment that is so startlingly ordinary that you can almost miss it.  The reality is that God doesn’t stop talking to us just because our quiet time is over, that is if we don’t stop listening. 

I was reminded of this as I drove home a few days ago.  As I came close to the traffic light the car in front of me shot over the intersection at the last flicker of the orange traffic light.  In that mundane instant God reminded me of my driving instructor's words and they suddenly became a revelation.

As a learner driver I was a definite challenge because I was so nervous, driving did not come naturally to me!  I would stop at a traffic light because it might be going orange soon, never mind red.  Eventually my instructor looked at me with quiet desperation and put forth a strategy that would become our motto.

He reasoned, quite accurately that I had to learn how to drive instinctively, much like a life of faith where every response cannot always be considered at length but needs to be acted on instantly.  My instructor’s wisdom was to simplify the whole process for me; see a green light, commit and go.  Beautifully plain!

In our lives that green light is the window of opportunity and opportunities are time sensitive.  It’s the opportunity to be obedient, to be faithful, to serve and to be selfless.  So often God shows us what He expects of us in a specific season or situation – our green light.  In response we nervously slow down because of fear and doubt.

This doubt can be double-mindedness about what God has said or a lack of faith in God’s character.  As we stop at the green light we watch others go past us into the fullness of God’s plans and purposes.  Our hesitation costs us dearly because the window of opportunity is not open forever.  It could be a prophetic word God gives you for someone or perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone in praise and worship.  If we don’t instinctively trust God then these missed opportunities are lost.

But we have this hope that God’s mercies are new every morning!  That His ways are above our ways and that His promises are true.  That our heavenly Father has plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans for hope and a future.

I want to encourage you, the next time a green light beckons, which will be daily, commit and go.  God’s faithfulness will be made manifest to those who show themselves faithful.  May you grow to trust God instinctively and to follow everywhere He calls you!

“O Lord Almighty, blessed is the man who trusts in you.” Psalm 84:12 (NIV)


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