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By Jennifer Kearson   

Ring, ring, ring, goes the phone as I was sitting down to begin my much needed to do list. My busy schedule, once again, has flooded my brain with many tasks like BSF (Bible, Social, Fellowship), my lesson writing for The Christian Pulse, and grading those papers that are, of course,  due tomorrow. Yikes! I say to myself, "when am I going to be able to get all of this completed?"

With our busy lives, it seems to take a lot of shuffling things and decisions to determine what needs to be done first and when. Thank goodness, I usually find a way to complete all of the needs on my list by the designated time. However, it is not always easy or fun when those thoughts keep dancing in my head while talking to a friend from high school. Sure I want to hear her latest news from work or how her husband and children are doing. Unfortunately, I find my eyes sliding over to the clock too often while hoping the conversation will end soon. It is hard to be a good friend and listener when I have so many things to do with so little time.

Whether my task is cleaning the house, visiting a sick friend, working or paying the bills, I must learn to prioritize. Whew! I don’t know how I get it all done, but if I don’t get it done, I will probably go bananas.
How do I get prioritized? First, I ask for God’s help through prayer. With God’s help, I am able to first calm down. Secondly, I try to break down larger tasks into smaller ones.  Third, I decipher which tasks are the most important and which ones can be done after the high priority ones are knocked out.  Finally, I start working on my tasks and cross them off as I go along to see results.

Of course, the hardest job for me is not procrastinating. Honestly, this is what causes me to get behind in the first place. If only I could learn to get things done sooner then, I wouldn’t get into a bind in the first place. But, with God’s support and a little help on my part I will learn in due time to get the not so fun stuff completed so I can enjoy the fun stuff later without any worries wandering around in the back of my head. What a better life it will be when I am able to wake up on a Saturday knowing I have everything completed because I learned to prioritize and get the tasks out of my way. Yes! I am still trying, but it has to start somewhere and with God’s help, I’ll make it.


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