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By Elisa Galante   
Silence. The mere word conjures up different emotions. Deafening silence. Silence that speaks volumes. Silence that speaks louder than words. Silence can bring peace when you just need a few moments alone. It can also be a cause of contention when you want someone to talk. I believe the one that spoke the loudest in the history of mankind was that of Jesus just as he was about to be crucified. It was such a profound silence that Pilate marveled. There was a time I wondered why He kept silent. Why didn’t He speak up for Himself? What made Him stay so quiet when so many lies and accusations were thrown at Him that day?

When someone is speaking lies about me, I tend to get angry and riled up, wanting to defend myself, and speak the truth. When I’m being accused falsely, or made fun of, I won’t just sit there and take it. Why did Jesus? It took me a while to realize the reason. Because He had to. He came here to die for our sins, and had He spoken up that day, He would have been His best defense and could have gotten Himself out of any situation, but He didn’t. He had to stay silent in order to go through what He did. Paying the ultimate price because He loves us so much. What an amazing testimony of pure love for a world that hated Him and His Father. He could have quit and given up, calling leagues of angels to take Him home, to take Him off that cross, but He didn’t. He could have snapped His finger and fire would have come down from Heaven and consumed all who accused Him and wanted Him crucified, but He didn’t, and so like Pilate, I marvel.
Not only did Jesus have to deal with all the horrible things said and thrown at Him, He had to hear His own Father’s silence as God turned His face away, unable to look at His Son wrapped in the sins of the world. He was betrayed by man, forsaken by His Father, thrown into Hell for three days, but His love for us spoke through it all. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad He didn’t speak up that day. His silence spoke volumes to me. It spoke love, mercy and compassion. Now that He is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father, we must no longer be silent. We must speak boldly and proudly the mystery of the Gospel. A Father’s love, a Son’s sacrifice, a world of forgiveness and mercy. I speak His name, and there’s no other name more powerful than that of Jesus Christ. Believe in the Lord Jesus, that God raised Him from the dead, that He died for your sins, and you will be saved. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words.


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