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By Freddie Parks Jr.
What drives your music selection? When you go into your favorite Christian music store or even into a chain department store with money in-hand anticipating walking out with a plastic wrapped beauty of a CD jewel case; just what is it you are looking for? Is it a worship album? How about something to help you kick start your day? Maybe you are looking for something that you can relate to as you pour your heart out in prayer.
The band Over Ashes (formally known as Cross Culture) delivers on all of the above. From sweet and soulful to down right rock your face off, Over Ashes has burst onto the scene with an anointed new album aptly named: “Begin Again“. Over Ashes brings a message of seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through the songs “All I Need” and “Where I Want to be“. The soulful and heart-felt lyrics take us to the deep parts of ourselves; exposing our flaws and our need for the strength that only comes through Jesus Christ. As we listen, the walls we’ve tried so hard to build up come tumbling down, revealing that inside we are simply in need of our Heavenly Father’s embrace. Through songs such as “The Author” and “She won’t” we find encouragement as the band reminds us of who we can be in Christ.

The band “Over Ashes” hails from Columbus, Ohio and has a sound of their own that grabs you right from the very first note. As I prepared for this article, I pulled up their official MySpace site to check out what they had to offer. The first song that began to play on the player was “The Author”. I was hooked immediately. I turned to see if my wife was hearing what I was hearing only to find she indeed had also been captured by the song. Many bands have a great sound but not all deliver a solid and encouraging message about God’s grace and love. Over Ashes has done just that. In fact, they also encourage their listeners to surrender to God and allow Him to be our strength rather than trying to “Hold On” by our own power.
According to the bands official web site, Justin David – Guitarist/Vocals, Gardy Garcia – Bassist/Vocals, and Denver Shindle – Drums/Vocals derive their name from Isaiah 61:3 “To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair.” Over Ashes has done a wonderful job of bringing that message not only to arenas, convention centers and churches but they are also slated to perform at USO shows at Army bases including Gitmo and Belize; bringing encouragement to our armed forces.
For all the wonderful things one could say about the music they produce, it is their attitude that truly shines. Take away the awesome guitar riffs, the booming bass and the thunder of the drums, and Over Ashes would still be an encouragement because of their dedication to give it all to God. Nothing I can say about the gifted trio can explain this better than in the words of Justin David himself (from the band’s official web site) “At the point when I started Over Ashes with Denver, I had given music back to the Lord. All we want to do is write songs that bless the church.” To me, that says it all.

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