Book Review: Sushi for One?

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By Michelle Sutton

Sushi for One? is a book written by Author Camy Tang.  It portrays life through the eyes of a character named Lex Sakai who has a lot of reasons to be angry.  And, those reasons came out often in her thoughts. As with most people who love God but are feeling hurt, the main character closed her heart off to prayer and fellowship in an effort to protect herself. As a result, she missed sensing God's safe touch on her life, though He never left her side.

This was one busy story.  I learned more about volleyball from reading this book than I ever learned from watching the sport during the Olympics.  In fact, there wasn’t a dull moment at all in this piece. I think the character Lex, was the unluckiest and clumsiest one I've ever read about, poor thing. I wanted to scream, "no, no, no" right along with her when she kept getting hurt. It was as if she belonged to the bad luck (rather than joy luck) club. She had a lot of spunk and determination, though, or as someone else described her…pluck! At times, her thoughts made her seem much younger than her stated 30 years of age especially when she referred to guys as boys.

The hero in this story was truly lovable. I think the fact that the author wrote the story in third person and slipped the reader into the mind of this man helped a lot. He often seemed absent when Lex needed him the most but, considering he hadn't allowed himself to get close to Lex, this made sense. She needed space and he gave it to her. What a great guy! Because of this, the author's tag-line fits this story to a "T".

Sushi for One? is the kind of chick lit story that demonstrates…”sometimes romance needs a kick of wasabi.”(1) And the powerful, touching ending will bring tears to your eyes like it did to mine. I can't wait for the next installment!

About the Author:  Michelle Sutton is dubbed the Edgy Inspirational Author. Her website can be found at and her popular blog is at

(1) Sushi for One? By Camy Tang
Publisher: Zondervan


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