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By Gerard Medicis

Christian music fans have a priceless gift in Worship Circle Records’ artist, Kate Hurley.  Out of Boulder, Colorado, this singer/songwriter has a passion and maturity to her music that convey her extensive experience and commitment to ministry.

Her website explains that Kate has been writing music since she was a little girl.  In the tradition of so many great songwriters before her, she uses acoustic guitar or piano, uncluttered arrangements and the well-developed instrument of her voice, to communicate her songs.

Playing in venues ranging from jails to concert halls, and in several different countries (e.g. the U.S., Russia, Thailand, India, Ireland and Brazil), this seasoned artist has a refreshing depth to her songwriting; like cool water to the thirsty.

Not being an artist to leave social ministry concerns to others, she founded Mercy Projects, a non-profit that helps orphanages and other ministries.  She contributes a portion of her CD proceeds to these ministries and even provides a “partner” link on her website for fans wishing to contribute.

A quick visit to her MySpace page shows her mastery of varied musical styles.  Her music offers something to listeners of multiple genres.  “Only Your Love” reminds me of the originality and vocal artistry of Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs).  I love the earthy mix of guitar, acoustic drums and string bass.

While “Wait on the Lord” is a funky song with Kate’s unison vocals and acoustic guitar, bluesy electric guitar riffs, congas and male and female voices throughout.  The irresistible groove and drum/vocal solo at the end had me looking for drumsticks to join in.

“Stronger than Death” takes the passionate message of eternal love (found in Song of Solomon) and puts it to music.  This moving piece with piano, vocals and accompanying instruments draw the listener in powerfully.

My favorite is “You are not alone.”  With its melancholy feel, the song is beautifully raw and honest.  The song begins with acoustic guitar, sparse mandolin and vocals.  Piano and later harmonica, add to the dynamics of the song, building in intensity, even as Kate’s voice hauntingly yet reassuringly sings, “love is all around you, He holds you even now, you are not alone”.

Kate’s goal in her music and her life is "To paint an accurate picture of a passionate God."  I am thankful for her beautiful “pictures”— may we worship God with her and let her music motivate us to similar acts of love.

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