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By Andre Mullen

Unlike some of his peers, Lyrycyst isn’t trying to protect his alter ego, Steven Cooper.  He is a man on a mission who intends for his listeners to get to know him through his story, the story of a revolution.  This revolution is chronicled in his striking debut album, American Dream.

Lyrycyst uses various instrumentation to create a sonic landscape that is unlike the average hip-hop album.  Utilizing guitars and other string instruments, Lyrycyst takes the listener on a musical journey that talks about various life experiences and testimonies from a God perspective. With his rapid fire tracks and a delivery to match, Lyrycyst confronts the falsehood of the music industry in songs like Showbiz and New Hit.  In What If I, Lyrycyst addresses the issue of abortion from a personal viewpoint.  With simple, yet powerful piano chords, Lyrycyst explores the question of what would have happened if his own young mother would have aborted him.  On Devil Eye, violin strings provide the foundation as Lyrycyst enlightens the listener to the tactics of the spirit of lust.


The album’s title song, American Dream, is perhaps one of the album’s most powerful songs.  Laced with heavy guitar riffs and melodies, American Dream addresses the ills of American society and it really is.  American Dream is definitely an album that allows Lyrycyst to take a “soap-box” approach and address society’s need for God.

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