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 Nathaniel Edward
CD/Song Compilation – The 2006 Sessions
Genre: Acoustic/Blues
By Brad McBrayer
At the first note from the gritty vocals of Nathaniel Edward you know there’s something different about this artist.  Logic tells you that his gravelly voice will soon belt out some alternative rock classic, but instead of Edward getting his grunge on, he glides softly into songs of praise and reverence toward God.

Edward, a 21-year-old worship leader attending a Christian college in Northeast Tennessee, counts Chris Tomlin and David Crowder among his inspirations.  Not surprisingly, his style falls somewhere between Tomlin’s easy-going praise songs and Crowder’s high-energy exaltations.  Factor in, too, his admiration for the guitar wizardry of mainstream’s John Mayer, and one can easily see Edward sliding smoothly on stage in front of an audience, acoustic in hand, and presiding over an hour of praise.  

Make no mistake, though, his passion is not to be the one receiving attention.  “I would much rather have people singing along with me and connecting with the Holy Spirit… than to see me behind a microphone” Edward says.  His ambition to lead in praising our Father in Heaven is reflected beautifully in his lyrics which claim “there is no reward that I desire more, than to worship.”  That quote was taken from “Further”; an original song of his that offers a chorus perfect for any contemporary congregation on a Sunday morning.

His anthem “Rise Up” is another moving work.  Simple lyrically, it brings notice to God for the healing power of His love.  The haunting guitar has the listener needing that love, and the chorus compels the listener to respond to it.  It’s fitting, too, in that hearing Nathaniel Edward lead worship, one wants to “rise up” and join in.

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